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AFORS – Autonomous Fibre-Optic Rotational Seismograph Design and Application

Zbigniew Krajewski

In this presentation we conclude research and development according the Autonomous Fibre-Optic Rotational Seismograph - AFORS. The presented device with linear changes of the sensitivity protects accuracy from 5.1•10-9 to 3.9•10-8 rad/s in detection bandpass 1.66 - 106.15 Hz, is designed for direct measurement the rotational components exist in seismic events. The presented system bases in optical part on the fibre optic gyro construction where the special autonomous signal processing unit – ASPU optimizes its operation for measurement rotation speed instead angular changes. The application a new design telemetric system bases on internet allows for remote system control as is shown in example of system work in Ksiaz (Poland) seismological laboratory.

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