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Installation of the ringlaser G-Pisa inside the Virgo area

A. Di Virgilio, J. Belfi, N. Beverini, F. Bosi, G. Carelli, E. Maccioni, R. Passaquieti, F. Stefani

G-Pisa is a middle size ringlaser (1.35 m side. In June 2010 it has been installed inside the central area of Virgo, the 3km interferometer for the research of gravitational waves. Ringlasers, as inertial sensors of rotation, are potentially very interesting devices for the so called third antenna generation. The main purpose of our present experiment is to measure the environmental disturbances, especially in the frequency range 1-0.001 Hz and for the tilts motions, which are responsible of degradation of the antenna performances during severe weather conditions. Our prototype has the sensitivity required by Virgo: from 10mHz. The installation is described in details and the preliminary analysis reported.

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