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Rotational motions in the TAIGER N3 Explosion

Martin van Driel

Evaluation of the R1 Sensor and Array Derived Rotation (ADR) using the TAIGER 2008 Explosion data (N3 - single explosion) with a small aperture array of 10 accelerometers and 5 R1 sensors, each collocated with one accelerometer. The data analysis suffered of several severe problems: the high frequency of the incoming energy compared to the frequency range accessable by ADR, a very complex wavefield with many reflexions, refractions and scattered waves coming off azimuth due to the topography, inhomogenous ground and general drawbacks of the instruments (R1) and methods (ADR). Whatsoever, a core question: Is strain-tilt coupling causing problems in point measurements of rotations around horizontal axes on inhomogeneous ground?

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