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The attempt to model rotations in the Coda with Radiative Transfer Theory

K. Neupert, C. Sens-Schönfelder

The wave field that makes up the high frequency coda of seismic signals is a complex superposition of waves with different direction. These waves cause ground rotations. The success of modeling the coda of traditional translational seismograms with Radiative Transfer Theory (RTT) led to the idea to model also the envelopes of rotational motions. As a new observable the rotational measurements may help to constrain information about the heterogeneity of the medium. We present the concept of RTT and show how it can be used to obtain information about the medium from seismogram envelopes. The strategy to model rotational motions is presented and we show first simulations for rotational motions in the coda of teleseismic P-waves.

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