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Meeting Programme

Sunday, October 10th

17:30 Registration of participants

Monday, October 11th

8:00–9:00 Registration of participants
9:00–9:10 Workshop opening – Heiner Igel and Johana Brokesova (presentation)
9:10–9:40 Roman Teisseyre: Why Rotation Seismology: Confrontation between Classic and Asymmetric Theories (presentation, abstract)
Instrumentation (chair: J. Wassermann)
9:40–10:00 Ulrich Schreiber: Progress in Ring Laser Technology (presentation, abstract)
10:00–10:20 Angela Di Virgilio: Installation of the ringlaser G-Pisa inside the Virgo area (presentation, abstract)
10:20–10:40 Nicolo Beverini: G-Pisa gyrolaser: Operational details and Remote control systems (presentation, abstract)
10:40–11:00 André Gebauer: Environmental Effects in Rotation Data from the Large Laser-Gyroscope “G” (presentation, abstract)
11:00–11:30 Coffee break
Instrumentation (chair: H. Igel)
11:30–11:50 Jan Kozák: Pilot sensors for rotation strong motion recording (presentation, abstract)
11:50–12:10 Johana Brokesova: Rotaphone - A Self-Calibrated Mechanical Seismic Sensor for Field Rotation Rate Measurements (presentation, abstract)
12:10–12:30 John R. Evans: Performance of new R-2 Sensor (presentation, abstract)
12:30–12:50 Alexander Velikoseltsev: Fiber Optic Gyroscope as a tool for detection of seismic rotations (presentation, abstract)
13:00–14:30 Lunch
Instrumentation (chair: J. Brokešová)
14:30–14:50 Leszek R. Jaroszewicz: AFORS – Autonomous Fibre-Optic Rotational Seismograph Design and Application (presentation, abstract)
14:50–15:10 Jaroslav Strunc: Rotational Seismometer on the Capacitive Principle (presentation, abstract)
15:10–15:30 Jiri Malek: Generator of Seismic Rotational Motions (presentation, abstract)
15:30–15:50 Everhard Muyzert: Rotation Sensor Requirements for Exploration Seismology (presentation, abstract)
15:50–16:10 Coffee break
16:10–17:30 Poster session
  Felix Bernauer: Rotational Sensor R1 - A Performance Test
  Johana Brokešová: New Portable Mechanical Sensor System for Rotational Seismic Motion Measurements (poster, abstract)
  Jaromír Knejzlík: Adaptation of pendulous seismometer S-5-S for measurement of rotation component of seismic vibrations (poster, abstract)
  Chin Jen Lin: Using Rotational Sensor Data to Correct Rotation-Induced Effects on Accelerometers (poster, abstract)
  Jiri Málek: In-situ calibration of seismic sensors recording differential motion to determine rotational ground motion components (poster, abstract)
  Christoph Sens-Schönfelder: The attempt to model rotations in the Coda with Radiative Transfer Theory (poster, abstract)
  Dennis Smith: New Rotational Seismometer (poster, abstract)
  Krzysztof Teisseyre: Spin and Twist Motions in the Earthquake Preparation Processes: Analysis of Records (poster, abstract)
  Zhixian Yang: Current Status of Rotational Seismology Studies in PKU-CEA Joint Research Center of Modern Seismology of China
  Peter Gaebler: Phase velocity and source direction estimation using collocated measurements (poster, abstract)
  Martin van Driel: Rotational motions in the TAIGER N3 Explosion (poster, abstract)

Tuesday, October 12th

9:00–9:10 Organizational issues – Social evening (presentation)
Strong Rotational Motions (chair: R. Teisseyre)
9:10–9:40 Vladimir Graizer: Strong Motion Seismology and Rotations: History and Future Directions (presentation, abstract)
9:40–10:00 Zbigniew Zembaty: On a Possibility of Acquiring Strong Motion Rotation from Rockburst Effects (presentation, abstract)
10:00–10:20 Alberto Castellani: Free Field Rotations: Relevance on Buildings in Near Field (presentation, abstract)
10:40–11:10 Coffee break
Strong Rotational Motions (chair: J. Málek)
11:10–11:30 Erol Kalkan: Tilt Errors on Recorded Accelerations from Instrumented Structures (presentation, abstract)
11:30–11:50 GHolam Reza Nouri: The Effect of Rocking Component of Strong Ground Motion on the Structural Response (presentation, abstract)
12:00–13:30 Lunch
Theory and Applications (chair: V. Graizer)
13:30–14:00 Elena Grekova: Nonlinear isotropic elastic reduced Cosserat continuum as a possible model for geomedium. Spherical presstressed state (presentation, abstract)
14:00–14:20 Moritz Bernauer: Measurements of Translation, Rotation and Strain: New Approaches to Seismic Processing and Inversion (presentation, abstract)
14:20–14:40 Heiner Igel: Observations of Long-Period Rotational Ground Motions: From ambient noise to Earth’s Free Oscillations (presentation, abstract)
14:40–15:00 Wu-Cheng Chi: Inverting Ground Motion from a Seismometer Array to obtain the Vertical Component of Rotation: A Test Using Data from Explosions
(presentation, abstract)
15:00–15:20 Klaus-G. Hinzen: Back Calculation of Earthquake-Rotated Objects (EROs) (presentation, abstract)
15:20–15:40 Coffee break
15:40–17:00 General discussion

Wednesday, October 13th

Applications (chair: A. Castellani)
9:00–9:20 Qifeng Luo: Research on Rotational Components of Ground Motion in Wenchuan Earthquake (presentation, abstract)
9:20–9:40 Mohammad Reza Ghayamghamian: Torsional motion Due to Small-Scale Geological Irregularity (presentation, abstract)
9:40–10:00 Dennis Smith: ATA’s Nanoradian-Class Rotational Sensors (presentation, abstract)
10:00–10:30 Coffee break
10:30–12:00 General discussion and Closing of the workshop
12:00–13:30 Lunch